• "Sure-Strike™ is a solid product. Not having to adjust the zone constantly when hit by pitches is a true time saver. Being able to create competitions and challenges helps our pitchers develop control, command, and confidence every session. I love the audio and visual feedback that Sure-Strike™ gives our pitching staff."

    Assistant Coach
    Cal Berkeley

  • "Sure-Strike™ has been a great tool for our college program. It gives instant feedback to our hitters when using our machines or for coach mix BP. We use it every day. The quality of the material is excellent."

    Hitting Coach
    Sacramento State University

  • "Sure-Strike™ has helped me become a better player in more ways than one. As a hitter, it helps me learn the zone to a higher degree. As a fielder, it helps with throwing accuracy as I use it to simulate a first baseman."

    UC Riverside

  • "Sure-Strike™ is the BEST pitching target I've used in over 11 years. The base is heavy enough that it doesn't move even with high velocities. The auditory feedback it gives is similar to popping the catcher's glove. It is designed to the specs of the strike zone, and allows our guys to refine their focus. Our pitchers really like those elements.

    I highly recommend getting a couple for your program. All ages and skill levels can benefit from a quality product like Sure-Strike™."

    Pitching Coach
    University of the Pacific

  • "Sure-Strike™ is the best command training target on the market. We've had 6 units in our facility for over 2 years. We use each one constantly. Our athletes get better by using them."

    Owner, Optimum Athletes
    MLB veteran RHP

  • "We've tested Sure-Strike™ at speeds of up to 100 mph. It's a real-sized target that helps you become a better pitcher by giving direct feedback. The BEST strike zone trainer available."

    Cutternation Baseball

  • "The cornerstone of my hitting development is understanding what pitches to hit and doing damage when they arrive.

    I had never found an objective / constant way to teach strike zone discipline until I started using Sure-Strike™. I have used the same unit for 2 years and it's as good as when I first got it. Highly recommended."

    Hitting Coach


"The Sure-Strike™ target made an immediate impact when it comes to shrinking and commanding the zone. It's really fun for competitive games too. Love my purple frame!"

Pro Athlete
Owner, Paisley's Pitching

High School

"We went a full year and a half using Sure-Strike™ units at every practice. With live BP, over speed machine BP, they held up! Excited to put our new reinforced Niner Flaps onto our frames. Nothing better!"

Head Baseball Coach
Del Campo High School


"Sure-Strike™ is a great tool for training command of the strike zone. The heavy-duty design is built to last and pitchers love the variety of target options."

MLB veteran RHP
Founder, Loyal to My Soil